Our telematics devices make sure that organizations can retrieve real time vehicle data to optimize their value proposition.

There are multiple services providing a wealth of information and adding value. However, one of the greatest sources is the car itself providing critical information. Having real time access to that information will enable new business models and data insights.

ULU integrates connected devices to optimize the service levels and to achieve cost savings throughout the value chain. We have years of experience of building state-of-the-art telematics devices. We support and manage global deployments of cellular enabled hardware solutions designed with the latest technologies and security standards.

Know your customer

Get to know your customer based on data. We help you understand behavioral data, diagnostic data, contextual data from various data sources.

Stay Connected

Be the brand they see everyday. Be in top of their mind with various in-app communications, messaging, scheduling, etc.

Be Relevant

Remote monitoring and automated alerts to engine, odometer values and battery problems. Be proactive based on realtime data.

Create new Business Models

We enable new business models through our technology. Discover the worlds of Mobility Services.

Increase Retention

Be pro-active and make sure that your customers stay your customers

You have your own technology in place?

No problem- we also support hardware only projects via our office in Shenzhen, China. We are confident that our industry’s smallest and most secure OBD device is a perfect fit for your requirements and it’s ready to connect to any platform.