Automotive Industry

We are the technology partner for the Automotive Aftermarket. We’ve implemented various connected customer strategies at dealerships, leasing companies, insurance companies and other players in the Automotive Industry. Your customer is already connected; don’t miss the boat. Let us help…

Know your customer

Get to know your customer based on data. We help you understand behavioral data, diagnostic data, contextual data from various data sources.

Stay Connected

Be the brand they see everyday. Be in top of their mind with various in-app communications, messaging, scheduling, etc.

Be Relevant

Remote monitoring and automated alerts to engine, odometer values and battery problems. Be proactive based on realtime data.

Create new Business Models

We enable new business models through our technology. Discover the worlds of Mobility Services.

Increase Retention

Be pro-active and make sure that your customers stay your customers

Connect you customer

Give your customers the full power of your connected customer strategy. Our technology works with telematics and / or without telematics. Combine your current service with an all-in-one mobility platform. Be that one app that takes them for A to B with great features that make driving fun, safe, easy and less expensive. Be more relevant based on data, know what the situation is of your customer, know the health status of the car. Communicate based on this data, and prove your customer service every single time. Elevate your brand by giving them services they value.

Know your customer

Get insights in your customer. We combine data from various data sources together, analyze it and help you to act on it. Get real-time alerts when there are enige problems, when the battery voltage is too low or when the car need maintenance. Optimize marketing message, timing and targeting based on customer driving routes and proximity.  Proactive service starts with insights.

Integrated Scheduling

Everything about the car in one app. Your customer is always one click away to make an appointment, based on maintenance interval, dashboard lights (DTC codes) or low battery voltage. Our technology enables an easy way to always be connected and to interact with your customer.

Engage with In-App Marketing

Reach out to your customers with special offers that are customized exactly based on their needs.  Make your marketing campaign fit for your user (1-on-1 marketing). Advertise to specific segments to boost your results. Automate the messages based on (vehicle) events (odometer value) or behavioral data. Push messages, in-app feed messages and emails provide numerous opportunities for branded content and personalized offers.

It’s all in the Feed.

Content Management System

ULU created a state of the art Content Management System to communicate with your customer. Create messages (with images) and / or push notifications based on events, dates or your marketing calendar. Release the message instantly to all your app users or schedule them for later. Target specific users / groups by making segments. You can go as deep as you want, as specific as you want. Advertise to specific segments to boost your results. Elevate your marketing campaign by extending your reach. Everybody that has your app, sees your message. How cool is that!

Integrate your Facebook company page

Got your social marketing all set up? Do you have a marketing team that already takes care of your facebook campaigns. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make the same content in two systems… Just integrate your Facebook company page in the Content Management System from ULU. All your Facebook posts will instantly shown in your app. How many Facebook likes do you have compared with the number of customers? Right… extend the reach of your Facebook marketing campaigns and your marketing ROI will go up!

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