Our mobile application bundles the applications that drivers need on the road into a single intuitive interface. ULU combines relevant features used by people driving their car every day in a unified and personalized interface. We also aggregate that information into a user-friendly solution, eliminating to switch back and forth between different applications, increasing convenience and driver safety. We go the extra mile by combining essential tools such as parking payments and navigation with on-demand entertainment such as music streaming. By merging it all together we can create a better experience then any stand-alone application can deliver by itself.
Our mission is to offer a solution that drivers use every time they step into their car. This can only be achieved by merging relevant services they need on the road into a seamless experience. ULU’s solution is built with the driver in mind and we work our way down to provide key metrics, insights and services to the organization implementing those. Our mobile driven approach, powered by a powerful platform will raise the bar!

We’ve selected the features that are the most valuable to every customer and integrated them into one easy-to-use app.


With the ULU mobile app you can seamlessly navigate from point a to b. The navigation function allows you to use real time and offline navigation to any destination, like to the nearest or cheapest parking zone.


ULU will enable you to find on and off street parking and pay for your parking events. If your vehicle is equipped with in-vehicle connectivity we can automatically detect when you drive away and automatically close a parking event. Never pay more for parking ever again!

Mileage expense

ULU is optimized to register trips when driven privately or for business purposes. The feature will you enable you to manage trips efficiently and save time on keeping track of your mileage.

Traffic information

We integrated the navigation function with live speed camera alerts in order to avoid the risk on getting speeding tickets. In various locations ULU aggregates the most accurate in order to make sure we can provide reliable and real-time information.

Drive mode

New government regulations are in place to make sure people limit smartphone usage while driving their car. Our Drive Mode is will disable the ‘Smart’ function of your phone and ULU will take over all critical features you need while you are driving the car.


Our mission is to provide the safest and best driving experience and this includes entertainment. That’s why we partner with leading music content providers to deliver the latest songs and entertainment to you while on the road!

Car Status

With helpful maintenance reminders and instant notifications about car trouble, ULU helps you take better care of your car. Know the health status of your car, fuel level and battery voltage before you are on the move.

Live location

Always know where your car is. Did you forget where you parked? No problem, track your car’s location in real time. Whether it’s stole, towed or just somewhere in the city. With ULU you will always have your car insight.

Drive smart, safe money

We analyze and report on your driving behavior to help you drive smarter and more safely. You know, good driving behaviour also saves you money on fuel and minimizing wear and tear.

Ready For Deployment

Let's go! White Label our app and let your customers experience the power of your brand in their palm! The app works with (various) telematics hardware and without telematics. Connect your customer in multiple ways!

Available for iOS and Android.

Connect your customer

Connect with your customer and give them the connected car experiences they want. Be relevant based on big data and build the mobility services of the future.

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