ULU’s application is powered by an intelligent cloud platform that extracts data from different sources and adds intelligent layers to deliver a new breed of solutions.

ULU is a smart tool which taps into data from connected devices and cloud services and presents essential information and actions in a smarter and more efficient way. Device data is enriched and information from third party data sources, such as trip, parking, navigation and speed camera are indexed and layered to deliver intelligent, value added content and actionable insights.

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Powerful capabilities


All communication is secured and encrypted according to industry standards. The infrastructure runs on a high availability mode delivering reliable uptime at all times.


With the help of our best-in-class access management system, the ULU platform itself acts as a security gateway making sure only authorized applications have access to the data.


ULU’s platform is modular so it can adapt to the requirements your company needs.

High Performance

ULU is the fastest, receiving, processing, enriching and pushing complex data in the blink of an eye.

Privacy in mind

Our end-to-end solution is designed with privacy in mind. We use relevant certifications and memberships to comply with local and regulatory requirements.

Data done right

Anomalies and corruption are problematic for data analysis and a nightmare for users. ULU processes and cleanses data as it passes through our platform resulting in data that you and your customers can count on.

Let us help!

ULU helps you with the efficient integration of vehicle & user data into your existing IT systems.  Big data is our speciality! We help you integrate and analyse the data, but most importantly we help you to do something with that data. We’ll make connected customers the DNA of your organization. We will help you with pro-active customer support, pro-active customer communications and effective marketingcampagnes.

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