Connect Platform
More efficient than ever


Vehicular connectivity combined with quality telematics allow fleet operators to be more efficient than ever. Ultimately resulting in more safety, reduced downtime, increased fuel efficiency, less manual reporting, and much more.

Simultaneously this requires a scalable, secure and compliant system to be in place.

ULU’s CONNECT Platform is designed to fit your scalability and security demands.

Our solution is a trusted, fault-tolerant and ready-to-scale technology platform. To put this into context, WhatsApp uses the same technology supporting over 800 million active users and over 30 billion messages a day. 

+ Analytics & Processing
We provide state-of-the-art reporting tools and insightful analytics. Our advanced learning algorithms will get you data quality compatible with the latest requirements in AI based data processing. 
+ Data Optimization
The ULU hardware and platform combined promises significant data reduction resulting in higher performance. By reducing the data payload with a factor 10 we can increase the data frequency and generate a more valuable data stream getting you more accurate and predictable insights.
+ Advanced Security
The platform is equipped with the most advanced security features and standards. Combined with ULU hardware, we can provide end-to-end security deploying invisible crypto-elements into our hardware. After all, hackers can’t attack what they can’t see. 
+ Devices
ULU Connect is sensor agnostic platform and can connect to any device or data source including smartphone data, OEM embedded integrations and a variety of aftermarket devices. Of course we can also connect to our own designed and manufactured hardware.
+ Highly Scalable
Did you know we can easily adapt to billions of connections? Our solution was built using Erling Technology and has been a proven for over 30 years powering critical infrastructure including leading payment and telecom systems.
+ API’s & Docs
ULU supports a broad range of API’s enabling development and integrations of applications and services with ease. The API provides access to most platform features and a rich set of vehicle parameters and information. 
Hardware independent

ULU’s Connect Platform is hardware independent and works with all types of hardware from various hardware providers. From OBD dongles to traditional black boxes, from connected charging stations to fuelling information, and from phone data to smart homes… our infrastructure is versatile, scalable and designed with security in mind.

Device Management

ULU provides you a great range of device management possibilities and supports secured firmware-updates (FOTA).

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Monitor actual mileages, error codes, maintenance needs or respond to necessary part replacements. Offer your own Fleetmanagement tool, connect your private /business lease driver or implement your connected customer strategy to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty by responding to actual mileages, error codes or maintenance needs.

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Leasing Companies

A relevant driving app for your customers, which they are eager to use multiple times a day. Stay on top of mind with your customers and keep in touch with them. Monitor the actual mileages, respond to error codes or maintenance needs and analyse the fuel consumption. Take the next step in your service by implementing a mobility app that all your customers are waiting for.

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A fair insurance based on your own behaviour. Who wouldn’t want to be in control of the premium you have to pay? The ULU technology allows insurance companies to offer a car insurance based on driving behaviour. The better you drive, the higher your discount. The better your customers drive, the lower the amount of claims.

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