Engagement Platform
Increase. Enhance. Engage.


Are you looking to enhance customer relations, increase your brand recognition and monetize customer and car data via next-generation services? Of course you are! 

ULU’s engagement platform allows you to offer customers a mobile application to be used whenever they are behind the wheel. 

This fully supports our belief that the implementation of technology should be designed with the customer needs in mind. User loyalty and big data generation naturally stems from this vision enabling a new breed of solutions for your organization. Our endgame is to help transform your company into a next-gen mobility provider through the efficient use of data and technology. 

And our Engagement Platform will do just that. Easy peasy.

+ Mobile Application
Our mobile application was designed with the driver in mind. We’ve boldly combined existing services and applications resulting in one user-friendly, smart solution. All of this in the look and feel of your own organization.
+ Content Management
The mobile application is equipped with a live feed and chat functionality. And with our CMS you can push relevant data and content in a structured manner. A non-intrusive way to stay connected and engaged with your customer.
+ 1-op-1 Communication
Send messages to users and receive messages through our integrated chat functionalities. Users can easily ask questions, give feedback or react to generated content. Use the app to plan appointments or to send out inquiries. All the reactions are showed in the feed in combination with a push notification.
+ Monetization
The Engagement Platform provides a secured environment to support monetization of the connected car by securely storing financial details and providing customers with one invoice for all services. Ensuring that service providers can maximize new revenue opportunities through the connected car.
+ Vehicle data Integration
The Engagement Platform can be further enriched through the deployment of real-time vehicle and location data. ULU makes efficient use of a large variety of data sources and sensors.
+ Fleet Management
ULU provides a complete fleet management tool with the latest features and requirements to support any fleet. This portal can be white labeled and allows you to generate a new source of revenue by upselling fleet management.
White Label

We support, encourage and even challenge you to customize the Engagement Platform to meet any brand requirements of your telematics proposition. Supported by our API we can provide deep integrations with additional services. 

GDPR / Privacy

Besides being really cool, our solutions are fully compliant with all GDPR laws and regulations. We comply with all technological and contractual requirements and can support you in embedding those into your organization when deploying the ULU solution.


Our Engagement Platform is future-proof and has new developments / features on a daily bases. Take the first step in new mobility and implement your own connected customer strategy. With our platform you create the (IT) infrastructure for new developments, like Mobility-as-a-Service, connected car or carsharing. The future is now.

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Monitor actual mileages, error codes, maintenance needs or respond to necessary part replacements. Offer your own Fleetmanagement tool, connect your private /business lease driver or implement your connected customer strategy to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty by responding to actual mileages, error codes or maintenance needs.

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Leasing companies

A relevant driving app for your customers, which they are eager to use multiple times a day. Stay on top of mind with your customers and keep in touch with them. Monitor the actual mileages, respond to error codes or maintenance needs and analyse the fuel consumption. Take the next step in your service by implementing a mobility app that all your customers are waiting for.

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A fair insurance based on your own behaviour. Who wouldn’t want to be in control of the premium you have to pay? The ULU technology allows insurance companies to offer a car insurance based on driving behaviour. The better you drive, the higher your discount. The better your customers drive, the lower the amount of claims.

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