Mobile framework

Designed with the driver in mind

Connecting customers

The mobile application is a crucial factor in the connection to your customers. On a daily basis, new apps are built as solutions for traveling, sleeping, paying, shopping and much more. More than half of our online time is spent on apps. On average, one has 42 apps installed on his or her phone, of which 70% is only opened once. Furthermore, most people only use 5 apps. To use an app frequently, users have high demands. Therefore, your app has to be opened daily, be top of mind and provide a huge added value. These are exactly the objectives of ULU.

The various applications that are used by drivers mostly offer one single service on its own. In our view, this fragmentation is illogical. As a user, you do not want to switch between various apps and have different accounts with different providers. You want one app, in which all frequently used applications are integrated, merged and improved. Wouldn’t this be convenient? With ULU’s technology you can experience the future of mobility. The app seamlessly meets the demands of your daily mobility. Various services some together in one app, especially designed for drivers.

A mobile applications you can use on a daily basis! Not just once a year to plan a service appointment or check contract terms, but an app that brings you further every single day, helps making your smarter choices and might even save you some money.

In the end, it all comes down to one thing… Engagement.


Navigate to any destination, choose the shortest or quickest route. Would you like to park at your point of destination? ULU helps you find the cheapest parking spot in the area.

Real-time Traffic

Receive real-time information about traffic jams or speed control checks directly in the ULU app and prevent speeding tickets.


Park your car in a paid zone and start the parking meter in the app. We know when you are on the road again and automatically stop the meter!

App Only

The app functions with and without telematics! This way, all your customers can be helped further, regardless of whether they are connected or not.

clustering features + smart intelligence layers


intensified engagement with customers

White label

Ensure you are the frequently used application that is always top of mind. Integrate everything into one solution and prove your relevance, each and every day again! Once your customer is accustomed to using your application, every new feature you launch next will be embraced. Why? Because it all connects flawlessly, works effortless, is fully focused on User Experience and all in one single application.

  • non-stop new features/innovations
  • fully accustomed to your own wishes/demands
  • the infrastructure of the future

Privacy & Security

Our application is built with privacy & security in mind! We comply to all privacy legislations and are fully compliant to the GDPR. Furthermore, we make use of the state-of-the art security technologies, making our application even safer than online banking!

+ Frequently used application
ULU integrates various frequently used application in one single easy-to-use solution. You can think of navigation, information about traffic jams and speed control checks, parking and trip administration. The app works both with and without telematics.
+ Parking
ULU is an official parking provider in the Netherlands. The user can (de)activate the parking meter in the app (or automate this process) and pay for his or her parking actions.
+ Trip administration & driving behaviour
All trips are automatically registrated and can be found in your history. Look into the details of every trip and adjust the trip mode (private, business and commute). Moreover, get insight into your driving behaviour and try to improve this, based on our tips and tricks.
ULU’s Content Management System allow you to send relevant messages to your users. Send messages based on events, dates or during a marketing campaign. Distribute these among all users or specific segments to be even more relevant. Link important messages with push notifications and integrate your Facebook page. Users can use the app to send messages to you, request a quote and plan appointments.
+ Payments
There are various payment methods available in the app. Users can pay using iDeal/Creditcard or set up preauthorised debit. This allows you to launch paid services in the app, for example “pay as you use” (carsharing) or the payment of (service)bills.
+ Integration & Services
We integrate various service providers, such as map providers, fuelling stations and real-time traffic providers, but we also offer all these services ourselves. Do you have interesting data that could improve your customer engagement? We are happy to integrate this for you!

Smart intelligence

  • Point of destination in a paid parking zone?
  • Save money by parking 200m further away!
  • No worries, we guide you to your final destination
We do not only integrate frequently used applications, but also combine, connect and improve various functionalities. We help the user to make smarter choices.


Our application may be regarded as a framework. We integrate frequently used applications into one solution and will be working constantly on new innovations to stimulate daily use of the app. These features can be expanded with your own specific wishes, demands and features. This allows us to collaborate in creating a unique application that flawlessly fits with your customers.

Scalable & truly “all-in-one”

The various features work without telematics and could (optionally) be expanded with telematics or other hardware sources to make them even more intelligent. Besides this, the app is designed to show different features to different users. After logging in, the user will enter his/her own environment with its own features. This way you do not need to develop an alternative app per target group, but can all your customers download one single app. Your all-in-one app for all target groups!