Local Heroes

Dealerships or universal garage owners are thé local heroes in the Automotive with real face-to-face interaction with the end user. On average one visits the garage 1,2 times a year, no matter whether it is a private person, lease driver of business driver. On these rare moments, a dealership can prove her added value.

Nevertheless, dealerships have difficulties to keep up. New technological developments appear everywhere, startups introduce new mobility services, leasing companies are increasingly the main contact for mobility (also for the private user) and even car importers / manufacturers aim to directly target the end user.

What role is left for the dealership?

Next generation Mobility Service Provider

Connect with your customer via ULU’s technology and ensure you are the answer to each and every mobility issue. With our technology you can provide a range of relevant services that your customers want to keep using. Create new business models, increase loyalty and truly get to know your customers. Take the lead and engage.
Connected car

Monitor actual mileages, error codes, services or respond to possible replacements. Be always informed about the car health and improve your customer satisfaction / loyalty by drawing on this relevant data.

Connected customer

Our super-relevant-cool app also works without telematics! You can spread it among your whole customer base in no-time, providing your customers with this super-relevant-cool app with extra services, topped up with your own logo and complete house style!

Connected Stock

Optimize your (intern) processes with ULU’s technology. Know exactly where your delivery vehicles are located, when these drive from A to B and set up notifications to inform various stakeholders. Improve your delivery process, shorten the processing time and save interest costs.


Offer your corporate customers your own own state-of-the-art Fleetmanagement system. Being the main contact for their fleet, you can increase your added value by offering technology that helps them even further, saves them costs and increases the efficiency of their fleet. An easy upsell? Advise them based on data and anticipate on mileages / error codes. Our technology is universal, which is why it is compatible with all car brands (which is interesting data as well).

New business models

Develop or exploit new business models. From carsharing to taxi-services on demand and from garage appointments to digital maintenance books. If you can think it, we can do it! With our integrated payment methods, all payments and invoicing are taken care of and merged with your existing ERP, CMS or DMS systems.