Leasing companies

Leasing companies

Leasing companies often have to deal with all problems concerning (business) mobility and the critical customer with high expectations. Car fleets are re-evaluated, as the lease car is no longer a rigid fringe benefit and companies are looking for new ways to increase the efficiency of their fleet. This does not only concern the leasing rates, but also the role of the traditional leasing company. The customer expects a proactive, advising and innovating leasing company. This provides a huge opportunity for leasing companies, as adding value to a customer increases their loyalty.

Not only the business customer, but also private customers increasingly address leasing companies. How to deal with this? What can we offer this private customer and how loyal are they? How to make sure that mileages are administered correctly and how do we connect with this new customer segment? And the most important question: how to make a profit on private lease?


As a leasing company you have all the ingredients for a successful Mobility-as-a-Service proposition from a Mobility Service Provider. The new customer starts with technology. Offer your customers a platform which they want to connect to. Create engagement and launch seamlessly connected new services from an all-in-one application.
Driver app

Who does not have a driver app nowadays? Usually you come across apps with which you can check out fines and how long it will take before the contract term to expire. Does that sound like an app that is frequently used? To make new services succeed, you need an application that drivers will use on a daily basis. Our app works with and without telematics. Offer your customers one app: for business lease, private lease, carsharing and much more. We will make sure your users only see those features that are relevant for them.

Connected car

Introduce telematics step by step and be able to better understand your customer. Know exactly what the actual mileages and respond to error codes. Prove your added value and ensure your customer can drive safely. Manage services and make sure your drivers go to the right garage at the right times.


Offer your corporate customers your own own state-of-the-art Fleetmanagement system. Being the main contact for their fleet, you can increase your added value by offering technology that helps them even further, saves them costs and increases the efficiency of their fleet. An easy upsell? Advise them based on data and anticipate on mileages / error codes. Our technology is universal, which is why it is compatible with all car brands (which is interesting data as well).

Consulting services

Embrace the consultancy role and help your customer even further. Advise based on real data about car use, fueling, driving behaviour, CO2 emission and driven miles to prevent recalculations. Your account managers will not have to inform whether a new car is needed, but can anticipate on relevant data. This way, you can not only increase the number of contact moments, but also make these more in line with the wishes and needs of the customer.

New revenues

Upsell trip administration, fleetmanagement, roadside assistance, mileage packages (private lease), foreign mileages or help customers with carsharing (or introduce this yourself). Use our IT infrastructure to innovate and anticipate on new initiatives within Mobility-as-a-service. Make sure you are the company that grasps the customer.