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We help Mobility Service Providers to deliver next -generation customer interaction and solutions through technology.

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98% of all apps (in general) are barely being used due to limited functionality

Challenge nr. 1

MSP’s are implementing mobile strategies but are faced with various challenges

Challenge nr. 2

Mobility as a whole is shifting and customers expect a full- service experience

Challenge nr. 3

There is a need to generate new revenue models

Challenge nr. 4

Mobility Service Providers (MSP’s) such as leasing, dealerships and insurance companies need to stay connected to their customers in order to stay ahead off the competition. Key to success is keeping your customers engaged.

We implement connected car / connected customer strategies

ULU is a connected customer technology platform designed for the automotive aftermarket. Via our technology, our customers can enable new services, stay engaged and have access to new data sources and remain relevant in a rapidly changing automotive landscape.

We address the need for the traditional aftermarket companies to re-connect with their customers via the use of technology. ULU provides a connected platform to the automotive aftermarket with a strong focus on telematics, mobility services and driven by the need by introducing a mobile application targeting end-users (car drivers) to optimize engagement.

We help to create new services and new business models based on our technology.

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ULU’s applications are powered by an intelligent cloud platform that extracts data from different sources and adds intelligent layers. Modular, secure & scalable.


Our mobile application combines relevant features used by people driving their car every day in a unified and personalized interface. By merging it all together we can create a better user- experience then any stand-alone application can deliver on it’s own.

Mobility Services

ULU delivers and processes various mobility services adding significant value and innovations to the end-user. We use the services to drive engagement and activate additional revenue models.


Solutions can be further enriched and the value proposition can be optimized by adding real time vehicle data. We have years of experience of building state-of-the-art telematics devices designed with the latest technologies and security standards.


ULU helps you with the efficient integration of vehicle & user data into your existing IT systems.  We help you analyse the data and really do something with it. We will help you with pro-active customer support, pro-active customer communications and effective marketingcampagnes.

White label our technology

Deploy a connected car strategy that truly connects your customers. Use a white-labeled version of ULU ’s app, platform, device or fleetmanagement tool and give your customers an experience in the car they already drive, from a brand they already trust.
Be that application that customer use on a daily bases

ULU ’s connected car

ULU ’s Hardware

Install the device in the OBD-port of your car within 2 minutes (do-it-yourself) or built-in the device behind the dashboard. ULU’s devices are the industries smallest form factor while benefiting from maximum performance. The unit is equipped with a GPRS or 3G modem, a gyroscope, battery to detect unplug events and a powerful MCU from ST Microelectronics. The device is designed to support 12V and 24V and is compatible with all standard OBDII protocols and J1939 for heavy duty applications.

Consumers are overloaded with multiple, stand-alone mobile applications.

The need, for a user, when opening and running multiple applications does not always work seamlessly. Especially in the car, where some functions drop when others are active. Furthermore, is this not only annoying but it is also dangerous as It causes distraction when users move from one application to another. ULU has the solution… don’t worry!

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About ULU

ULU’s provides the technology and service integrations so you can connect with your customers at all times. We can help you to create an online platform where your customers want to connect with daily. You can use the ULU technology, integrate it or white label it. From B2C, B2B to B2Everybody. ULU makes it easy for you.

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