We help Mobility Service Providers to deliver next -generation customer interaction and solutions through technology.

98% of all apps (in general) are barely being used due to limited functionality

Challenge nr. 1

MSP’s are implementing mobile strategies but are faced with various challenges

Challenge nr. 2

Mobility as a whole is shifting and customers expect a full- service experience

Challenge nr. 3

There is a need to generate new revenue models

Challenge nr. 4

Mobility Service Providers (MSP’s) such as leasing, dealerships and insurance companies need to stay connected to their customers in order to stay ahead off the competition. Key to success is keeping your customers engaged.

Consumers are overloaded with multiple, stand-alone mobile applications.

The need, for a user, when opening and running multiple applications does not always work seamlessly. Especially in the car, where some functions drop when others are active. Furthermore, is this not only annoying but it is also dangerous as It causes distraction when users move from one application to another.


Our mission is to offer a solution that drivers use every time they step into their car. This can only be achieved by merging relevant services they need on the road into a seamless experience. ULU’s solution is built with the driver in mind and we work our way down to provide key metrics, insights and services to the organization implementing those.

Our mobile driven approach, powered by a powerful platform will raise the bar!

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ULU’s provides the technology and service integrations so you can connect with your customers at all times. We can help you to create an online platform where your customers want to connect with daily. You can use the ULU technology, integrate it or white label it. From B2C, B2B to B2Everybody. ULU makes it easy for you.

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